Our vision has always been to be self-sustaining. We don’t use that term in a fashionable sense but rather to be Truly self-sufficient.  We believe it is of utmost importance to get our children hooked on hard work and not handouts. Although donations are needed initially of course. So, coupled with fundraising, we have a farming project firmly underway.

Self Sustainability

Our vision is not to be burden or to have always ask for funds. We want to model something more to the children in our care, so coupled with fundraising, we also have farming and self sustainability projects underway.

We have 9 acres of land, brilliant soil, and a strong river on our border. Pick n Pay very generously kick started our farming project, and given us a tractor, tunnels, irrigation, JO JO tanks and a vehicle. We have successfully grown assorted peppers, chilies, cabbage, brinjal, spinach and gooseberries. Our tunnels are amazing and they support the running or the Benjamin Generation.

If you live in P.M.B then you can support this great project and help us change live by

popping into Parklane Spar and buying a bottle of our delicious pickled products.


We have another project under way to exponentially increase our tunnel capacity. If you are faced with a choice for your corporate social responsibility spend we would like to speak with you about this flagship project. As a corporate you can give the maximum to SARS or a portion to an NPO. We are kindly offering to help you with this.

The new tunnels will produce between 180-200 tons of green/red and yellow peppers a year and we will be able to produce all year round. They are semi-automated and have state of the art hydroponic technology driving them.

How you can Help

Benjamin Generation will become self-sustaining through farming and business, but until then, we need you to please be a part of our story.

Sustainability is key

Within the next two years, we aim to become a self-sustaining family, generating its own income. So with sustainability in mind, we have already started a small commercial farming operation. We have had a great response from local businesses and trust this support will continue.


Make a Donation

Benjamin Generation will become self-sustaining through farming and sales of our pickled products. But until then, we need you to please be a part of our story and be our HERO.

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