"it's far easier to raise a child well than it is to fix a broken adult"

The Benjamin Generation exists to rescue and raise our precious children. Empowered by The Father, we are called to partner with people just like you.

How you can Help

Self Sustainability

Our vision is to be at least 80% self sustainable. Handouts are not sustainable and not the answer. We want to model something more to our Generation, so coupled with fundraising (for now), we also have a small farming opperation underway. Through this, we produce a range of pickles that you can find at Parklane Spar in P.M.B.

Toward the end of 2018 and now in 2019 we have been looking at building more homes for rentals, and then later possibly foster homes, which we calculate will generate enough funds for the bulk of our running costs.

Until then, we need you to please be a part of our story. One-off donations are helpful but regular monthly giving really helps with Care givers salaries, Lights, Water and Insurance. For businesses we are a registered section 18A NPO with an Socio Economic Development certificate to issue.  

Ever Dreamed of Fostering a Child?

The family unit has born the brunt of our new “enlightend” era, the adverse effects of which are still to be fully realised…and paid for. If you have dreamed of fostering children then we would like to try help make that dream come true.

 You will be screened by us as well the Department of Social Development. There is a process in place to protect the children and perspective foster parents. We look forward to meeting you to help guide you through some options. We currently have 4 children elligible for long term foster care, all under the age of 5. (17 May 2019)

Please get in touch with us if this calling spaks to you.




Make a Donation

Benjamin Generation will become self-sustaining through farming and sales of our pickled products. But until then, we need you to please be a part of our story and be our HERO.

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